Kim Christopher is a mixed media artist working mainly with layers of rich texture and acrylics, often adding in other mediums such as ink, graphite, sand and gold leaf. 

Her love for architecture, structures, and surfaces that bear the traces of time are the inspiration for her work. The layering of aging has been a source of fascination since her early childhood.

The artist has developed a process that allows her to connect with the art and allowing the paintings to take on a life of their own, reflective of her feelings at that moment. Although she paints with rich layers of texture from memories of distressed structures, she seeks to evoke a sense of calm, peace and serenity in the final outcome. She creates with intention and purpose, gifting her passion for the creative to her clients and invigorating her canvases with lively expression.

Her innate talent has become widely recognized by the public eye, and her works are now displayed in the homes of numerous collectors throughout the United States.